What make us the best places to experience birding in Costa Rica

Biodiversity & Conservation

We: Support or run bird conservation initiatives, Biological Corridors and our National Parks. We are located in the Costa Rica’s Important Bird Area (IBAs BirdLife) and we have our own network of protected reserves. We are certified by Certification for Sustainable Tourism of the Costa Rica Tourist Board.

Service & Facilities for Birdwatchers

Our facilities are verified by the Costa Rica Tourist Board with the International Standars of Service. We provide great local gastronomy experiences. We offers specialized facilities and services for the birders including expert local guides, platforms, trails, equipment and first hand information on the local birdlife and their behavior.

THE Official Hotspots Route

The unique and only alliance that represents all the birding regions and ecosystems of the country together. We also are creators of the Official Costa Rica’s Birding Hotspots Route. We also represents Costa Rica worldwide as a Top birdwatching destination in international events.

The Costa Rica's Birding Hotspots Route

The best locations to experience Costa Rica, the Birdwatching Republic
In the 5 great ecoregions we protect 119 000 acres of important ecosystems for the birds.

Though relatively small in size, Costa Rica is home to one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. Encompassing 5 birding zones and numerous micro-ecosystems, Costa Rican birds and wildlife are virtually on display in their natural habitat. Costa Rica is home to 920 species of birds, so whether in cloud forest, humid lowlands, arid mountain peaks, dry forests, mangroves, or coral reefs, birds and nature are highly accessible to visitors. Today, 27 percent of Costa Rica has been officially designated as protected land.

Best time: It is posible to go birding in Costa Rica during the whole year, but the migration periods: the Autumn migration from North America to South America (Aug-Dec) and the Winter migration, when the birds return to the North (Jan-May), are the best seasons to find higher numbers of resident as migratory species.

The Costa Rica's Birding Hotspots Route is recognized by the Costa Rica Tourist Board and the Costa Rica's Ornithologist Association. Visiting the Hotspots you will discover the very best of Costa Rica's birds while you also support conservation programs.

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